Top Certifications in Cloud Computing

The shift to cloud computing has become one of the most valuable and smart investments that companies make when it comes to modernizing their IT processes. Therefore, the past years have shown a rapid switch towards this technology. Large corporations understood that they need to be flexible and have the opportunity to access their documents from anywhere in the world. Thus, they are interested in hiring professionals who know how to manage cloud computing products and solutions.

This is how international vendors started to create certifications that help IT professionals develop skills in different cloud computing areas. Such a certificate does more than just validating the candidates’ skills. It also serves aș a ticket to getting a high salary and more confidence and recognition. Below, you’ll find an overview of the four renowned accreditations that pave the path to joining this field effortlessly.

Top Certifications in Cloud Computing in 2021

Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and CompTIA are some of the largest organizations offering certifications in cloud computing nowadays. These are the descriptions of the demanded options.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

To obtain this certificate, the professional has to get a passing score in SAA-C02 exam. This is a technical test that verifies the candidates’ skills in designing architectures of different types and makes them eligible for the role of solutions architect.

Amazon recommends that those who want to get accredited need to have a minimum of 1 year of experience in the industry. They should have previously worked with Amazon Web Services and know how to create cost-effective, scalable, and faultless systems. In addition, they need to demonstrate that they are skilled in networking, storage, computing, and AWS databases, aș well as AWS-based apps, their management and deployment. Another ability that they should possess is understanding how AWS services meet the business requirements.

Once they go through SAA-C02 certification exam, the individuals will confirm that they are able to design and deploy complex and secure apps using AWS technologies. Also, they will solidify their knowledge of the most common and specific architectural principles along with the ability to provide implementation guidance following IT best practices.

Google Professional Cloud Architect

The Google Professional Cloud Architect is another popular certificate. Specialists in the field use it to enhance their understanding of cloud architecture and learn how to manage the Google Cloud Platform. After going through all the certification phases, the candidates gain the modern skills needed to develop, create, and operate secure, scalable, and robust services by following the organization’s requirements. Also, they become familiar with the Google Cloud products and can utilize their features to find immediate solutions to the business needs.

Since the vendor doesn’t have any prerequisites for the candidates, the only thing they should do is pass one certification exam. Still, Google mentions that those who have a minimum of 3 years of practical experience in the field will have higher chances to pass the test. Out of these years, at least one should be in solution management and design using Google Cloud Platform.

The certification exam validates the applicants’ skills in planning and developing cloud solution infrastructure. Also, they will become proficient in provisioning and managing architectural solutions using GCP. Other skills measured cover the creation of the right solutions that meet the security and compliance criteria and the ability to manage the implementation of the Google Professional Cloud platform as well as enhance and analyze business and technical processes.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

The professional who registers for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification validates his/her skills in implementing and designing appropriate solutions using Microsoft Azure. Also, by getting this certificate, the candidates can demonstrate that they have a good understanding of how to work with DevOps and Azure development processes.

To become accredited, the individuals have to get the passing score in two exams which are coded AZ-303 and AZ-304. Therefore, they can assess their knowledge of Microsoft Azure architect technologies and Azure architect design. Even though the vendor doesn’t impose any prerequisites, it recommends that the test-takers should have previously managed the governance operations, as well as handled IT networking, security, business continuity, identity, data platform, budgeting, disaster recovery, and virtualization.

The first exam checks the candidate’s ability to effectively monitor and implement Azure infrastructure. Also, they should know how to apply security solutions by using Azure workloads. Another skill evaluated in this test is the capacity to execute solutions for different apps. Finally, they have to be experienced in managing data platforms.

The second exam goes deeper into checking one’s skills in design monitoring, security, and identity design, among the rest. The applicants will be asked questions related to data storage as well as business continuity. The final topic included in this test is related to infrastructure creation.

CompTIA Cloud+

The CompTIA Cloud+ certificate validates the individual’s knowledge of managing and deploying cloud-based products and services. This accreditation was designed for IT professionals who want to leverage their skills in working with cloud-based technologies. Therefore, the vendor recommends that prior to taking the certification exam coded CV0-002, they should gain 2 or 3 years of experience in system administration.

Once they get CompTIA Cloud+, IT specialists will have a clear understanding of the cloud sphere and also know how to implement and maintain cloud-based solutions. Also, they will be able to configure and deploy CompTIA’s cloud products and services as well as troubleshoot and resolve different issues related to automation, deployment, and connectivity. Other skills gained and verified during the certification process are related to process management, maintenance, and security.

The uniqueness of this certificate lays in two main aspects. First, it is vendor-neutral, which will allow the certification holder to use the acquired knowledge relating to any cloud solutions, regardless of their provider. Second, the exam contains performance-based tasks that are intended to check hands-on abilities and thus presents a true review and verification of one’s competence.


Getting a valuable international certification is an important step that individuals make in their careers. They will not only stay updated with the latest products and trends but will also add a recognized validation of their skills under their belt that will consolidate their position in the company. With the variety of vendors and certificates they offer, every candidate can choose the option that will assist a lot in getting hired in their dream job.